Welcome Again!
Thursday, March 30, 2023 - 6:17 PM
General Rules
1. Keep your passwords, login name and security answers safe and private and it should not be given away to others.
2. Un-updated profiles, inactive users and clans will be deleted after several warnings.
3. Site advertising/spamming is not allowed anywhere in the site.
4. Multiple accounts is strongly not allowed all of your extra accounts will be deleted without warnings. (Iwasan ang mag register para sa kasamahan naiirecord ang iyong i.p.
5. Anyking of cheating the site features/credits is not allowed.
6. Respect site staffs and co-members.
7. If you violate one of this rules then you dont have the right to complain and blame any staffs if we were goin to punish you.
8. Please do obey this site terms or rules to avoid penalties.
Forum Rules
1. Create your topics in the right category.
2. Bumping topics is not allowed.
3. Dont start an arguementation in our forums.
4. Dont creticize authors thread and other forum posters.
5. All non-sense and repost topics will be trash without warnings!
6. Please note that the staffs have the authority to move or trash topics that are not related to the categories where you had posted them.
Chatroom Rules
1. No flooding and cursing.
2. Our main goal here is to gain friends and we strictly prohibited arguments and provoking fellow chatters.
3. No vulgar words are allowed at shoutbox and chatrooms other than adult rooms.
4. The staffs reserve the right to kick, ban, unban chatters without prior notice or warnings.
Downloads Rules
1. Upload your files in the right category.
2. Dont upload the same contents without proper reasons.
3. Dont upload files with malicious/virus or can harm devices.
4. File title must be accurate and related to the content that you have been uploaded.
5. Dont upload child phornographic contents
Screambox Rules
1. Screamessage shout not be repeatedly posted.
2. No vulgar/explicit words allowed in screambox.
3. Use the screambox properly and dont make it as a chatbox.
Articles And Blogs
1. Subject must be informative.
2. Create your articles in the right category.
3. Blogs and articles should be created in a proper way with good intensions and not for self ulterior motives.
Trading Rules
1. Please Pm staff or view our Online Shop for top up.
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